Jessica, 30

On Pregnancy Massage:

"My sessions with Shannon are deeply supportive and restorative.  During my pregnancy my body has undergone all sorts of changes - physically, mentally and emotionally!  Shannon is not only able to support my body physically through the massage, but also holds a space that allows me to express, gain support and integrate the mental and emotional shifts as well.  Throughout the sessions Shannon shares her own professional knowledge and innate understanding while always allowing me to come to my own understanding and truth. Shannon’s touch is divine, her pregnancy massages allow me to fully surrender my body and rest deeply within myself - facilitating a deeper connection to my body and my baby!"

Liane, 43

On Doula Support:

"Having a support person is like having an anchor when weathering the wild seas of pregnancy, birth and beyond. Some days are smooth, others not so. It is such a wonderful feeling to know that someone is committed to taking this journey with you and your family. A doula isn't just there for the mother, she is there equally for the father and any other siblings to do what needs to be done. Not just in birth but throughout the whole pregnancy and in those wonderful and wobbly first few months once your baby has arrived."

Marcella, 36

On Complementary Therapies:

"The deepening that began within me prior to conception was truly amazing, it helped me to feel that the time it took to fall pregnant was more time for me, to really know myself. Trying to conceive a baby and struggling to can become all consuming, it was so amazing to receive the support to develop my own rhythm with this."

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